A unique opportunity to join renowned dog behaviorist, Cheri Lucas, for 3 days of training and empowerment.


We all search for happiness and fulfillment. 

But for so many, happiness seems unattainable. We often become fixated on disappointments and heartbreak that each of us experience at some point in our lives. Add to that an unrelenting stream of negative self-talk, making it virtually impossible to achieve the life we want.

Our self-esteem suffers. Our confidence suffers. And our relationships suffer, both with humans and our dogs. And like everything else in life, if we don’t deal with it, it escalates.

So often our self image is skewed. Our brain is programed to act consistently with who we believe we are, whether it’s true or not. So if we don’t alter our self image, we are destined to continue to fail at the things we value the most.

But the good news is, emotional and physical wellbeing is a SKILL. 

And this skill CAN be trained! I know this to be true, because I’ve done it in my own life. For two decades, starting in my teenage years, I suffered from chronic depression and an eating disorder. I felt shame and hopelessness. It wasn’t until the pain became intolerable that I decided to change the trajectory of my life.

How do our dogs play in to this equation? 

It’s easy to turn to our dogs as a quick fix, without even realizing it. After all, dogs love us unconditionally. And they would never betray us. But, they can never heal our wounds, or provide us with self confidence. When we subconsciously and unfairly give them a responsibility they’re not equipped to handle, the dogs themselves often become damaged.

My life began to turn around when I saw how badly my dogs wanted free from the role I’d given them. 

They were the catalyst that taught me to step up and lead. 

I began to reframe my thoughts. I began to forgive and stop judging. I took small steps and practiced them consistently, until I had created a brand new set of habits. A brand new way of being. And now, I’ve lived by these “new ways” for over 20 years.

I practice self care as a way to honor my body and myself. I treat myself with respect and love, and I believe I have no limitations. I face my fears and push through them. And most importantly, I never put off what I want the most, for what I want right now.

I visualized this course for years before I decided to make it a reality. Over time I’ve met hundreds of talented, brilliant, kind and beautiful women who have no clue how amazing they are.

This workshop is designed to show you who you and your dog really are. You will learn how to create new habits that nurture and honor you. You’ll see a shift in how your dog views you. His behavior will reflect the new you, and that alone will boost your confidence. You’ll discover how some of your suffering is optional, and that you can operate out of a place of joy. There is hard work involved. Everything of value in life requires work. But the reward will be a life of balance and fulfillment.

There’s nothing in the world I love more than helping women and their dogs! Join me for this unique experience! See you at our next Wellness Unleashed!

tell me more about cheri's Wellness Unleashed Weekend

A Wellness Unleashed Workshop is a unique opportunity for women to join renowned dog behaviorist, Cheri Lucas, for 3 days of training and empowerment. You will walk away with better life tools for both you and your dog. You’ll be on the right path to create the successful future you’ve always dreamed of.

Cheri has over 20 years’ of experience taking on the entire range of dog behavior issues. Her ability to connect and support a dog owner through their dog’s rehabilitation is Cheri’s forte. Cheri has helped countless women develop the skills and confidence they need to tackle multiple areas of their lives. She now wants to focus on using this experience to benefit women through her Wellness Unleashed program.


Workshop Dates
May 17-19, 2024
Oct 18-20, 2024

how does Wellness Unleashed work?

Wellness Unleashed is designed for an intimate group of women so that both you and your dog receive the maximum benefit.

The workshop begins on Friday at 9:00 am. We will have a variety of sessions for both our dogs and ourselves throughout the day. We will have an awesome catered lunch at the ranch at noon each of the three days. On Friday at 5:00 pm we break for champagne and optional hot-tub time to celebrate the end of our first day! You will receive several gifts that are yours to take home! At 6:30 pm, we will enjoy a wonderful catered dinner at Cheri’s ranch. Saturday and Sunday we continue learning and sharing. The course ends at 5:00 pm on Sunday.

Here are some, but not all, of what you’ll experience during your Wellness Unleashed weekend:

  • Discovering what could be blocking the success and happiness you desire.
  • Understanding why the dynamics between you and your dog matter.
  • Learning how essential self-care is to your self-esteem and self-image.
  • Developing the skill of “reframing” how you see your world.
  • Developing the ability to visualize and achieve a different outcome when working with your dog, or navigating through life.
  • Understanding how to manage the chatter in your own mind.
  • Learning the importance of living life “consciously.”
  • Developing the ability to create new habits that finally last!
  • Discovering the empowerment and joy of not caring about other people’s opinions.
  • Creating routines that become the foundation for your fulfilment and happiness.

At our Wellness Unleashed Workshop, we’ll identify the reasons why your life isn’t all you want it to be. You’ll leave with insights, practical strategies and tools to use long after the workshop is over. You’ll leave the weekend having gained a deeper bond with your dog – one that is based on respect. You will have begun your journey of emotional well-being and balance, with habits that are practical, sustainable and fulfilling!

Wellness Unleashed FAQs

Wellness Unleashed Weekends are held at Cheri’s beautiful 20-acre oak-studded ranch in Templeton on the Central Coast of California. Templeton is located half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The nearest airport is San Luis Obispo, 30 minutes from Templeton. The ranch is totally secluded but easy to get to and only 6 minutes off the 101 freeway.
No, it’s not a requirement to bring a dog. Many students, especially those that travel from abroad, don’t feel comfortable traveling with their dog. You can either attend the class with a “loaner” dog from Cheri’s humane society, Second Chance at Love, or attend without a dog altogether. Either way, Cheri’s message will resonate deeply with you.
Cheri will provide a crate for your dog during the workshop. However, our host hotel, The Carlton, requires that dog’s be crated if left alone in the hotel room. It’s best to be prepared, so bringing a crate would be ideal.
The Wellness Unleashed Workshop is intimate. It’s designed for one student with one dog.

We have negotiated a special rate with the Carlton Hotel which is a 12-minute drive from the ranch. The Carlton is a historical, renovated, dog-friendly hotel that has accommodated Cheri’s students and clients with exquisite style and hospitality for years. There are several other hotels in the area that are dog-friendly. You can find them on Trip Advisor. Some Airbnb accommodations are dog-friendly.

Yes. Join together with your family and/or friends and take advantage of our discount for private groups of 8 women or less. Contact us for details.