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Longtime right-hand woman to famed “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan, dog behavior expert Cheri Wulff Lucas is the ultimate alpha-female. Personally trained in dog psychology by Milan, Lucas is one of a select few dog behaviorists in the world entrusted to work at his side for over 16 years.



We all search for happiness & fulfillment. What does happiness mean to you and do you believe that it is attainable? Do you have a constant unrelenting stream of negative self-talk? If you do, it makes virtually impossible to achieve the life you want.Your self-esteem suffers, your confidence suffers. Relationships suffer, both with humans and our dogs. And like everything else in life, if we don’t deal with it, it escalates.

But the good news is, emotional and physical wellbeing is a SKILL AND this skill CAN be learned! This is what my Wellness Unleashed Program is all about.

I, too suffered for over two decades, it started in my teenage years…I suffered from chronic depression and an eating disorder. I felt shame and hopelessness. It wasn’t until the pain became intolerable that I decided to change the trajectory of my life. Dogs became a HUGE part of my teachings.

So how do our dogs play into this equation? It’s easy to turn to our dogs as a quick fix, without even realizing it. After all, dogs love us unconditionally. And they would never betray us. But, they can never heal our wounds, or provide us with self confidence. When we subconsciously and unfairly give them a responsibility they’re not equipped to handle, the dogs themselves often become damaged.

Cheri's Other Programs

Due to the current social distancing environment, Cheri has launched a virtual/online personalized training program. You can receive 1-on-1 training from her directly.

Cheri has opened her Board & Train for the next 3 months ONLY. Grab a spot & she will personally train your dog at her facility. These spots will SELL OUT FAST.

Are you a dog trainer or aspire to be one? Cheri offers a Train the Trainer Program. Check out the program here & join her waiting list. Virtual trainings are available as well.


Cheri Wulff Lucas

Internationally, Cheri has appeared in a German reality TV show (“Up and Away”) by VOX network. In addition, she appeared with Millan on National Geographic’s Cesar’s Recruit Asia as Cesar’s Master Trainer. Together, they selected Asia’s most troubled canines, and worked with some of the best dog trainers in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore and Bangkok. Lucas also co-hosted the web-video series Sessions with Cesar™, assisted with several of the “Cesar Live” tours in Europe and the US, and published insightful articles for CesarsWay.com™. 

Through workshops, private consultations, and public speaking engagements, Lucas has become an internationally recognized canine behavior specialist and speaker, spreading a message of hope to dog owners struggling with behavior issues from fear and aggression to fixation and separation anxiety. Her methods are gentle, intuitive and effective, teaching dog owners to unleash the strong, assertive leader inside of them.

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