with world renowned master dog behaviorist and trainer Cheri Wulff Lucas


Spend 5 days onsite with Cheri and a limited number of selected students from around the globe. You will not only watch how she does it but you will also join in on her powerful and proven techniques and approaches with dogs and human interactions. 

retreat like setting

Cheri’s training camp is located in a beautiful and serene acres of Central California. It is among beautiful vineyards, on 20 acres and surrounded by the mountains. This training includes all onsite meals. There are only 2 spots for onsite housing in one of her quaint and cozy apartments. If you can’t grab an onsite room, there are dozens of beautiful hotels within a few miles of the training facility. 

interactive training

This 5 day workshop has a limited amount of openings and sells out quickly. Cheri likes to work in small groups so that she can be more effective with one-on-one demonstrations in a small group setting. She fills each day with trainings focused on calming a dog, how spacial pressure works, dealing with a dog’s anxieties, insecurities, fears and more. She also works with you on your individual body language, helps you build your confidence and become the leader you were born to be. 

Train the Trainer

Training Date
Nov 8-12, 2021


Training Dates
Jan 17-21, 2022
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Naz, Istanbul, Turkey

Naz, Istanbul, Turkey

Cheri’s work goes beyond transforming the relationship you have with your dog. I have gained confidence and learned crucial healthy living basics from a truly physically and psychologically fit guide. Just by observing Cheri’s interactions with her pack and how she meticulously arranges the house, the walks, the socialization, the relaxation and the feeding periods, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. Investing in Cheri’s Train the Trainer program was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Marina Del Rey, California

Betsy, Marina Del Rey, California 

I’m so grateful that a true teacher like Cheri made herself available and 100% present for me as a Train the Trainer student. This training is not just for trainers but also anyone who wants to live at their highest potential as a human being and who shares their lives with dogs. As a student you get guidance on the spot that is personally tailored to your needs. I was able to be a part of Cheri’s life and complete the program with so much knowledge as well as an intuitive ability to connect with my dogs.

Cecilia, Los Angeles

Cecilia, Los Angeles, California 

I have known and worked with Cheri over the past 8 years. I’m a dog trainer in Los Angeles and I focus on pack mentality. As soon as I started working with Cheri in the Train the Trainer course my ability to control my packs and lead them improved immensely. Cheri is a true mentor and friend to me and I cherish our relationship deeply. 

Nathan, Omaha, Nebraska

Training with Cheri Lucas was a game changer! Her program includes self development while enhancing your understanding of dogs. It is personalized to your needs and teaches you how to develop your raw intuitive talent. This is the best program I’ve ever trained under! 

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