board & Train

My board & train program is for dogs who require more than a private consultation or a group workshop. In some cases, dogs need to be removed from their home environment in order to begin the rehabilitation process. In particular, dogs with dog reactivity or aggression problems benefit greatly by being immersed in an environment with a large pack of balanced, social dogs. 

Dogs who are candidates for Board & Train includes dogs that are:

Board & train dogs receive one-on-one training and socializing from dog behaviorist Cheri Lucas each day. Cheri evaluates the dog’s issues and creates a strategy for their behavior rehabilitation. The dogs integrate into Cheri’s own balanced pack and experience the opportunity to socialize with other members of their own species. 

Board & train dogs stay in Cheri’s home with the rest of her dogs. The day in a life of a board & train dog involves walking in a pack, doing formal rehabilitation work, socializing and other structured activities.