In Person 1-on-1 Training

Private consultations are occasionally available for clients who want one-on-one training. Training takes place at Cheri’s ranch in Templeton on the Central Coast of California. Cheri sometimes meets with local clients in their home.

Cheri begins each consultation with an evaluation of your dog and his issues. You’ll learn the difference between dog psychology and human psychology, and why it matters in your relationship with your dog. You will learn tools and techniques specific to your dog’s issues which will enable you to see changes in his or her behavior right away. You will also learn the rules of “the walk,” and how to teach your dog to respect you, your family, and your home.

Private consultations enable you to learn how to recognize neurotic, aggressive and protective behavior, and how to turn the behavior around. If your dog is dog-aggressive, Cheri will often recruit the help of her own balanced pack to determine the severity of the issue. Cheri’s personal pack is instrumental in helping dog aggressive dogs become social with their own kind.

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