Spending the week training and being mentored by Cheri ignited intense inspiration and an insatiable appetite to bring home profound foundational tools and techniques to integrate into my work with dogs and elevate my business.

This is what Cheri Lucas is – one who inspires and ignites passion because she lives it to the fullest every day. She leads both canines and humans with her unerring intuition and compassionate way of being. One can’t spend time in her presence and not feel nudged to evolve into all they know they are here to contribute in this world.

I have long searched for a more direct way to effectively work with complex dogs that present a variety of challenges for their owners to live with on a daily basis.

What Cheri showed me, whether doing focused long-line leash or place work, or pack-walking 10 dogs, was how instrumental these techniques are, when done with both intention and attention to nuance, can turn any dog around in the most remarkable way.

In fact, I’ve been utilizing these techniques on a variety of dogs since I’ve been back and every owner has been amazed at the changes they’ve seen in such a short time… as have I!

I am already planning my next visit, as nothing feels more important to me at this time than to refine and sharpen my skills from a true master.

Infinite thanks for being a loving way-shower to so many at a time it is really needed!
Hi Cheri.

I have been feeling petty elated the past few days, and thinking a lot about you – with extreme gratitude to you and to the Universe. Years ago, I had this dream: that my dogs would not fight, that I would have the know-how and right energy/attitude to create a balanced pack; that I could be a really good dog trainer that could help dogs and help people with their dogs. That dream is a reality unfolding before me, and my heart is just so full.

The thing is, this would not have happened without you. From the first, when you taught me how be a leader with Roxy and Lexi. Then TCW, and even better – LucasAgnew workshops and sPaw Days, and visiting you. You have no idea how much this has meant to me. I really wanted to be a great dog trainer. Not world-renowned or anything like that. It’s not about that. It’s about living a childhood dream. The adult dream was the same, but to also foster dogs, and being a competent trainer who could help dogs with behavior issues to turn around into adoptable dogs.

Because of you, I have a great pack of seven dogs of my own. Because of you, I have dog-training clients who refer me to their friends and acquaintances because they love my skills, abilities, and how I help them. Every time that happens, I think of you. I just do what Cheri taught me, and that’s why they love it. I often talk about you too – the greatest dog trainer I know. That’s where I learned my skills, and how to communicate those skills to dog owners who need help. Because of you, I got to know your shelter manager Katie, and because of Katie, I was referred to a San Diego rescue person who was looking for a foster for a pit bull who had lived on a chain for over four years. She’s now off the chain and in my home, recovering from spaying surgery and starting to learn what it means to live in a home.

Last evening, I thought of you when I pondered how different it was bringing in this foster, and previously Roscoe, from the way I used to do things. My dogs now look to me for direction on what to do with this new one. They do not get uppity, and they trust me to give them direction and take control of this new one. They are calm and help me too by telling me this new girl has good energy. They like her which tells me she’s not a nut; just has zero training. All of this is because of you. It’s living the dream.

There are many other things I could list which are gifts you have given me, and examples of how the Universe works to orchestrate our happiness if we simply allow it. I get to be a lawyer in an area that I love – healthcare and now other trainers, veterinarians, and animal rights folks. On the weekends, I get to train other people’s dogs and help them. I have a great house, a great pack, a great life. Thank you for being who you are and being the reason I am living the dream.
Moira Brennan
I had the pleasure of being introduced to Cheri Lucas in September 2016 at her Lucas Agnew Missing Link workshop. During the course of that workshop I learned to responsibly use valuable tools and techniques necessary to communicate with dogs clearly and to enhance the relationship between human and canine. I was immediately impressed with Cheri’s knowledge of dogs, dog psychology, and her technical skills. However, I was ever more enamored with her kindness, compassion, and inviting personality. Shortly after leaving the workshop, I could not stop thinking of this recent experience and wanted to learn more. I contacted Cheri to schedule time to participate in her mentor/shadowing program.

In late October my wife and I both attended the mentor program. It was at this time, something within me “clicked” for the first time. All of the articles and books I read, videos I had watched, and past seminars I had attended, all began to fit together and make sense. Cheri’s mentor program was a life changing event. We spent time working alongside Cheri communicating with her own pack, observing “balanced dogs” at its best. We also spent time working with shelter dogs and participating in their rehabilitation. Finally we spent time working with our own dog, Zeus, while Cheri mentored us throughout the process. It was an invaluable experience. Being able to work with dogs in a raw untrained form, to be coached with our current dog, and to visually witness the end goal was a complete evolution of an exceptional process.

Even more memorable was getting to know Cheri Lucas as a person. You see, Cheri is not just a Master Dog Trainer with years of experience and great success. As a matter of fact, she barely discussed her history and accomplishments. What little she did discuss was to provide some context around our discussions. She is a very proud but humble person. Cheri is just as much a life coach, an instructor, and master educator in addition to being a dog trainer and behaviorist. Since the time we spent that week with Cheri, our lives have changed for the better. We are better leaders for our dogs, we are better communicators, with our dogs, our clients and each other, and we live a calm, less stressful life. In addition our business has picked up considerably. So much so we are now looking to transition to full time commitment to the business.

We can’t thank Cheri enough for sharing her knowledge and experience with us. For opening up her beautiful home and her heart to us. For showing us a vulnerable side and making us feel comfortable being vulnerable in her presence. It is these rare moments when the truth is allowed to shine bright and the most effective learning take place. Cheri is an amazing woman with a calm energy, an enormous heart, and a beautiful soul. She came into our lives at just the right time and we are eternally grateful.
Sean Waters
Our young Doberman Saki was frightened of everything. On a walk his head went back and forth like a ping pong ball, anxiously trying to find the next danger. When our neighbor came over to meet him, he retreated; his eyes said "Come closer and I'll bite." He could get into the "red zone" in less than a second. If the neighbor's dog was out, Saki raced back and forth along the fence, barking, viciously trying to get through the fence. When I tried to get him away from the fence, he turned his head back to bite me. Taking him on a walk was, however, the worst of it. He would growl, jump around in hysteria, try to bite his restraints, terrified yet aggressive toward other dogs. I was walking him at 4:00 am. God save the person we would come across.

We contacted Cheri in hopes of keeping our Dobie. Cheri worked with him for four weeks. When we went to pick him up, Saki was not the Saki we had known. He was transformed. As Cheri showed us how to work with him, Saki would lie down, almost falling asleep. He was the true Buddha dog-completely calm, quiet, and responding to every direction Cheri gave him. After we brought him home, we would watch him with our mouths dropping in awe. He is the dream dog. We are forever indebted to her and her" Board to Behave "program which literally saved our dog and us.
Sue Mello
I really enjoyed the mentor program experience with you! I had so much fun and learned a lot at the same time. You really helped to build my self confidence in being a dog trainer. Your teaching style and explanation of everything that we did was very clear. You gave great guidance and direction. I feel like you answered all of my questions and explained everything clearly, while making sure I understood.

I really liked how you explained and related training dogs to your clients and every day people. You broke it down so simply and put it in ways they could really understand what you are saying. Watching you interact with clients was also a plus. I really admire your patience and your really gentle, but firm approach when dealing with difficult clients (and of course difficult dogs, too)...

... The mentor experience has given me more confidence and a better direction as to where I want to go in developing my business. I not only learned a lot but had a blast in the process. You’re a great teacher and mentor.
Betsy Gunter
I am so thankful to Cheri for all the help and rehabilitation with Rocky. He arrived nervous, anxious, pulling on the leash, and not listening to any commands. When he came home, he was a whole new dog. During the walk, there is no pulling, he is relaxed, respectful and connected to us. He is also non-reactive to dogs and people. He also starting working on the e-collar which is totally awesome.

One of the best things we learned is the “place” command which is helping him relax and calming him down.
The place command has been such a valuable learning experience for us and him, and we’ve learned to stop all the baby talk and coddling.

We came home with a lot more knowledge about Rocky’s needs as a dog, and us as leaders. He’s also eating a more nutritious food which she recommended as well. Thank you Cheri for your leadership, patience, and expert knowledge.
Sandy Terry
I had an opportunity recently to work with Cheri Lucas as part of her shadow program. I jumped at the chance to get focused, one-on-one instruction and guidance.

I am impressed at the difference this made for me! I've done many workshops and been part of groups of varying sizes and they were great. Having the chance to have personalized instruction with a trainer I really respect was amazing.

Being able to be candid with Cheri about where my own strengths are and what I'd like to improve has made a world of difference with the protocols I use with clients as well as my own dogs.

As a professional I feel that the experience with the shadow program has upped my game tremendously. I'd do it again and recommend it highly!
Courtney Abercrombie
Before Cheri Lucas taught me how to be a responsible and loving dog owner, my three pups created absolute chaos in our home. We could not invite guests into our home without arranging for the dogs to leave and I was constantly worried that one or more of my dogs would attack someone. All that changed within twenty minutes of Cheri walking in my front door. My dogs are happier than they have ever been and for the first time, genuinely enjoy having company. I can now walk all three dogs without any barking or pulling, and we actually visit with other dogs we see along the walk. At times I think Cheri sprinkled magic dust on my dogs, but I realize that what she really did was teach me how to be a good dog-parent. My spoiled brats are now delightful and happy and make me very proud. Thank you, Cheri!
Bill and Joyce Fahey
Manhattan Beach, California
Cheri, what an absolutely terrific program! Comprehensive, articulate, easy to understand, and to the point. I wish every person who speaks in public could have been there today taking notes on your delivery. And it sure hit home with a lot of people - everybody walking out the door with me was talking about dogs.
John Joyner
Atascadero Rotary
Working with Cheri Lucas was a life changing experience for me. I have known Cheri for a couple of years now. I have attended remote collar workshops that she runs together with Brian Agnew, who is an outstanding trainer as well. Recently I worked with Cheri as a shadow student and it was such an unbelievable experience. I brought a dog to work with, young pit named Bella. I have known Bella since she was a baby, her owner is a good friend of mine. Bella had developed severe leash aggression and was out of control at home. Well... As soon as Cheri held Bella's leash things changed. Bella never once reacted while staying at Cheri's ranch. We had pack walks, we worked her close to other dogs, we tuned up her remote collar skills etc.. we did everything we could possibly do to prove that Bella was on her way to rehabilitation.

It is clear that Cheri Lucas is gifted! And also experienced. But what I Iove about Cheri the most is that she is capable to transfer her knowledge to her students... that's why she is not just gifted but she is a true mentor. She is patient, she is loving, she is sharp as a razor when she explains the fundamentals of what she does and what she believes in. She is never tired of working. We worked an average of 10 hours per day... with many dogs. She is always happy and she always has as smile on her face. Cheri is truly a mentor to me and I am proud to say that I will work with her for as long as I can.
Cecilia Maffini Fulle
Dog Trainer
Cheri is a lifesaver, a saint, and a genuinely kind and compassionate person. I am confident that anyone who has the pleasure of working with Cheri will feel the same way we do. We recently brought our firstborn son home from the hospital and it makes us very happy to say that because of Cheri’s work, that home included our dog Sooner. We are grateful beyond what words can express for the gift Cheri has given us the ability to keep our family intact, baby, dogs, and all!
Josh and Kasey Brown
How can I thank Cheri, who literally changed my life? I am a lawyer, constantly looking around every corner to find the liability and how I might get sued. I had the bad fortune of being cursed with a Jack Russell "terrorist" who found it necessary to try to kill any other animal in his path. So you can imagine the fun I had taking my high energy JRT for walks, which this breed desperately needs to relieve excess energy if you want to sleep at night. It was a constant stress, knowing my JRT needed his walks, but fearful that at any moment some dog off-leash or other animal might cross his path (lawsuit:). I was desperate. I really didn't think that anyone could fix my boy, Jack. But being desperate, I decided to give Cheri, Cesar's protégée, a try.

How do I thank Cheri? Well, I probably really never can. My JRT is a changed boy. And, I am a changed dog-owner. What I didn't realize is how much my energy and actions impacted the way my JRT reacted in every situation. I am now one big ALPHA with him, and not the other way around. I really cannot express in words (unusual for an attorney:) the relief of actually taking my dog out for a walk and not being stressed out over what he might do that might result in a lawsuit. Cheri is quite simply a miracle in my life, and I am eternally grateful to her. She is dedicated to her cause of rehabilitating dogs, and so sacrificial in doing so, and it is just an honor and a blessing to have landed in her path. For the millionth time, Cheri, thank you.
Traci Kuchta
Attorney at Law
I didn't want to keep Toby waiting for his rehabilitation time, so I asked Cheri Lucas, my friend for many many years, to help me with the case because I know she has the experience that is needed for Toby. She has her own rehabilitation center and rescue center, she controls packs of dogs, and I know that she is the right person for him.
Cesar Millan
Cheri Lucas is an amazing person who gets dogs and people. Cheri showed us the way to have the best dog. We adopted our five year old female German Shepherd when she was three. She came to us with some serious issues towards other dogs and biting grandchildren when they got too playful, and worst of all turning around and biting us when we corrected her. After three trainers we finally got to Cheri. Cheri took Lulu into her pack at her amazing boot camp and socialized her with other dogs. The first time I saw her walking Lulu with three other dogs I could not believe my eyes.

Cheri showed us how we have to be the pack leaders; e.g.not letting Lulu stop every place she wants to on our walks to smell or mark her spot, that we go through doors first and she is to follow, and she is to walk by our side but never in front of us. And, most importantly, we are to give her some affection when we want to; not when she wants it. Also, we have put her on a raw diet (the same that Cheri started when she was at the Rehabilitation Center) and she is thriving on it. We follow Cheri's instructions because they work. We are now the pack leaders and Lulu has respect for us. Again, I cannot say enough positive things about this amazing woman. Selfishly, I am grateful that we found her.
Jill Borris
SPAW Days is an empowering weekend shared with likeminded women in a small hands-on setting. This course is phenomenal and will not only help develop a deeper understanding of your dog, but also lead to the formation of lasting friendships as well. If you are looking for a consummate professional whose dedication is limitless, look no further. Cheri Lucas cared about each and every dog and never stopped encouraging or teaching us techniques to build confidence in ourselves and our dogs.
Kimberly Doval