End of the year Appeal

As 2018 comes to an end we have a special message and appeal from Cheri.

Sweet Xena, brutally attacked and set on fire, is given a Second Chance at Love!

December 12, 2018

Dear Second Chance at Love Supporter,

Xena was a skinny, flea infested street dog. For the first year of her life, she was savvy enough to wander through her neighborhood fearlessly. But on January 1, 2018, Xena’s luck ran out. Gang members attacked Xena, restraining her while they set her on fire and stabbed her. Somehow, someway, Xena eventually escaped, but she was terribly injured. She languished for several days without food or care, until a Good Samaritan found her. We rescued Xena and arranged for her to have emergency surgery in Los Angeles.

The fire had burned through Xena’s skin, muscle and bone, but somehow she survived. Xena endured surgery, multiple cold laser treatments and skin treatments. Through it all, Xena never lost her love for people and other dogs. Xena harbors no grudges toward mankind. She loves her life and is looking forward to finding her forever home.

Xena’s medical bills were extremely high. But Second Chance at Love made the same promise to Xena as we do for every dog entering our shelter – “You will ALWAYS get the care you need. You’re with us now!”

Without the help of Second Chance at Love supporters like you, Xena’s prospects for a full physical recovery would have been nonexistent.

We were told by Xena’s LA based surgeons and doctors that she would have succumbed to her injuries within 2 weeks of her brutal attack.

Your gift will help Second Chance at Love Humane Society save other statistically hopeless dogs like Xena.

Founded by internationally acclaimed dog behaviorist CheriLucas, Second Chance at Love is unique among dog shelters in that it offers permanent rescue as well as high-level behavior training and rehabilitation for any dog, under any circumstances.

Part of our rescue effort includes proactive services like Boot Camp, workshops, obedience training and private dog behavior consultations that aim to help dog owners solve problems before they escalate and lead to abandonment. Cheri Lucas also travels internationally offering her time and expertise to help dog owners, trainers and shelter workers understand the way dogs think and communicate so that they can share a stronger connection and more fulfilling relationship with their dogs.

But with thousands of homeless dogs relinquished at over-crowded shelters each year, we need your help to continue to make a difference.

Please consider extending your past kindness and generosity again during this giving season so that we may continue to build a better future for the dogs who love us so unconditionally.

​Your generous gift today will help transform many innocent dog’s lives and give them a new beginning this year!

Thank you so much for being part of our special work. We are so grateful for you! We wish you the very best in 2019! God bless you.

Cheri Lucas

Founder & Director

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