Boot Camp

Boot Camp at Second Chance Ranch

Boot camp is for dogs that require more than a private consultation or a group workshop. In some cases, dogs need to be removed from their home environment in order to begin the rehabilitation process. In particular, dogs with dog aggression problems benefit greatly by being immersed in an environment with a large pack of balanced, social dogs. Dogs who are candidates for Boot Camp includes dogs that are:

  • ​aggressive with other dogs
  • aggressive with humans
  • disrespectful of family members
  • destructive and out of control
  • non-responsive to commands
  • nearly impossible to walk on a leash

Boot camp dogs receive one-on-one attention from dog behaviorist, Cheri Lucas, on a daily basis, Cheri evaluates the dog’s issues and creates a plan for their behavior rehabilitation. Boot camp dogs become integrated in the Second Chance pack, and begin to experience the joy of being able to get along with members of their own species.

Boot camp is not for dogs who occasionally misbehave or require no more than basic obedience skills. Boot Camp deals with serious behavior problems that cannot be resolved by the owner alone. Prior to being accepted in the Boot Camp program, a behavior consultation is required to see if the dog’s behavior warrants being involved in the program.