Meet Cheri

About Cheri Wulff Lucas – Dog Behaviorist and Trainer

Cheri Wulff Lucas, widely recognized for her groundbreaking work in dog behavior and training, has further solidified her reputation through her highly acclaimed, always sold-out in-person workshops. 

Her Learn to Lead, Train the Trainer, and Wellness Unleashed workshops have garnered international acclaim, drawing attendees from around the world eager to learn from her expertise. 

These workshops not only offer deep insights into dog training but also emphasize personal growth, empowering attendees to adopt confident leadership roles in their interactions with dogs and in their personal lives.

In addition to her educational programs, Cheri has expanded her impact in the canine world through her entrepreneurial ventures.

She founded Learn to Lead Leashes, a company that produces high-quality leashes designed to enhance the dog walking experience, reflecting her deep understanding of the nuances of dog behavior and training. 

Building on her success, she launched the Learn to Lead Academy, an online training platform that makes her effective training methods accessible to a wider audience. 

The Academy offers a range of resources, allowing dog owners and trainers to benefit from Cheri’s expertise from anywhere in the world.

Beyond her educational and business initiatives, Cheri’s heart for dog welfare shines through her rescue organization, Second Chance at Love Humane Society. 

Since its inception, the organization has been a beacon of hope, saving over 5,000 dogs from euthanasia and providing them with a chance for a happier life. 

This no-kill shelter, part of Cheri’s broader mission at the Second Chance Ranch, emphasizes her commitment to championing the cause of dogs without advocates, ensuring they find their forever homes. 

Her work in rescue and rehabilitation is not just about saving lives but also about educating owners, ensuring that dogs and their humans enjoy a harmonious existence together.

Cheri’s dedication to improving the lives of dogs and their owners, coupled with her innovative approach to training and her entrepreneurial spirit, continues to leave a lasting mark on the field of dog behavior and training.