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Personalized 1-on-1 Online Training Program

One-on-one virtual training package

Over the last 20 years, Cheri Lucas has trained dogs and coached clients from around the world. Throughout this time, Cheri has conducted phone consultations with trainers and dog owners who were unable to travel to her ranch.

Now, more than ever, Cheri’s virtual phone consultations are an excellent way for you to get the training and support you need to resolve the issues you and your dog are struggling with. Cheri believes there’s no such thing as a cookie cutter approach. She will create a unique strategy for your dog’s specific behavioral issues, and teach you how to implement this customized plan.

Cheri’s training package consists of 3 one-hour virtual phone sessions. (Zoom or Skype)

Here’s how it works:

  1. During the first phone consultation, Cheri will assess both you and your dog. She will gather information from you about your dog’s past, when his issues began, how you’ve addressed them thus far and what you’ve been able to achieve. Cheri will identify which issues you’re the most concerned about. She will create a customized strategy based on your discussion. This strategy will entail changes that both you and your dog will make. By the end of the first call, you’ll have a solid plan on how to move forward. You’ll learn which specific steps to take. You’ll learn how often you need to formally train your dog and for how long. You’ll also be taught how you can integrate training into your day almost effortlessly. Cheri will make sure you’re comfortable with everything she’s taught you so you’ll be able to confidently implement the training. Cheri may ask you for a short video of your progress once you get started. At the end of this session, you will schedule your second session.

  2. During the second phone consultation, you and Cheri will discuss how the previous days have gone. Based on your conversation, Cheri may tweak the original strategy a bit. Cheri may want to create a video just for you if she needs to show you how to practice certain techniques. You and Cheri will discuss the behavioral changes that have taken place with your dog thus far, and what still needs work. You’ll receive a plan that includes fresh “homework” as well as encouragement to continue with the original tasks she assigned you. Your dog will have made significant behavioral changes by now. At the end of this session, you will schedule your third session.

  3. During this session Cheri will evaluate how far you and your dog have come. You’ll have a conversation about the changes that have been made, and how to keep these changes permanently. Cheri will discuss the importance of not becoming complacent with your dog’s improvement. She’ll give you additional tasks to ensure that your dog continues to thrive.

You and your dog will have come a long way by the completion of these three sessions! You’ll have a great understanding about how to maintain balance with your dog. You’ll also understand the importance of having a healthy emotional relationship with your dog. You’ll know without a doubt the roll you play in your dog’s behavior!

Virtual Phone Consultation Package: 3 one-hour sessions – $397

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